When you're not baby your bag!

This is what happened when you are not baby your bag. Haha yeah, this is one of my very first one luxury bag purchase that I still have (I had my very first one sold, and it was a Longchamp bag) and this is Issey Miyake baobao bag that I think in size small.

So basically in this post I just wanted to share with you about my experience with my bags. I meant I almost never baby my bag especially the one that I'd love to use. I always think buying a luxury bag is still you buy a bag and you should use it. Even though sometimes like when I see my baobao bag I keep thinking what the hell were you doing and not taking care of your expensive stuff. But seriously every time I am thinking to baby my bag I end up never using it (yeah like my gucci dionysus)

So yeah what do you think guys I should do with my bags? Do you know any place to clean the bag? Or do you have any same funny story about baby or not baby your bag to share? I'd love to hear that!


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