Monday, October 19, 2015

My personal fav, autumn guide in Berlin!

Autumn is a special season for me. Because this autumn marks my 2 years anniversary since I move to Berlin. And since always the first thing when I meet new people they always ask me with question “Why Berlin?” So with this post let me guide you to explore together with me some parts of the beauty of this city, Berlin during Autumn.

Autumn is about food in Berlin. It is a glorious season when there's plenty of time for food. When is cloudy or rainy but you just cant resist to go outside so all you want and you need is a table filled with a good food, good coffee, warm tea and sweet treats. Lucky for us, Berlin has some very worthwhile options to fill your belly and warm your heart. Since i live in Kreuzberg, my personal favorite for breakfast is egg benedict and cappuccino at Kaffeebar in Kreuzberg. The coffee is tasty wake you up and the egg benedict is simply delicious with their secret homemade sauce!