GADIS Sampul 2013

The decoration and 20 photos of the girls :3

The girls waiting, nervous and tired. :)

The alumnus 

My shoes and my id card. lol (after this event i say good bye for my shoes, bye bye *sigh*)

The stage, the models with preppy outfits and hivi~~~

And from here will started your career D :)

Diandra Agatha from Bandung as the winner!!! Congrats dear!!!

And the newest cover of GADIS ;)

4 Juli 2013 yang lalu GADIS baru saja menyelesaikan rangkaian acara gadis sampul dengan malam final pemilihan gadis sampul 2013 di ballroom djakarta theater dengan tema play it school. Setelah rangkaian acara dari make over (ya aku ikut andil memilih potongan rambut, styling dan photoshoot) sampai karantina akhirnya didapat satu pemenang Diandra Agatha dari Bandung. Syukur acara berjalan lancar, ramai dan meriah. HAPPY! :)

July 4 2013 at Ballroom Djakarta Theater, GADIS (ok my office) finally celebrated the final election party of gadis sampul 2013 ( With play it school as the theme, the event looks really cool with preppy outfits and girly decoration started from the entrance to the stage, posters, photos and invitation card. To find the girls from hundreds girls in indonesia until the last 20 girls and then the winner ofcourse wasnt easy, the gadis sampul's team worked really hard to find a girl not only have beautiful face and body but need to be smart with good attitude. And for me individually as stylist i feel so happy could make this 20 girls more beautiful with make over their hair and their style for photoshoot. So congrats the winner, you look soo beautiful at the stage with baby blue dress like cinderela Diandra Agatha from Bandung. The event really cool, amazing and i wont forget like ever. Great job guys, i really honour you guys! HAPPY! :)


  1. Hey girl, this looks like a fun event! The winner is beautiful, congrats! That's great that you are coming to Germany in September, let me know where you will stay ;-) xoxo

    1. yes it was! ofcourse i will let you know! in touch! xx


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