I was in Bangkok last weekend and it was my first time in Bangkok and i can easily say it was such a one of amazing holiday that ive ever had! Nice weather, nice people, nice food, lots of nice places to sight seeing and of course shopping! So NICE NICE NICE! So here some pics that i have took and really happy to share them to you and whoever you are who is looking for holiday in bangkok, dont hesitate to contact me to ask me any questions. ENJOY! ;)

I was late to the gate btw haha
This luggage was totally empty, you will see after we came back to Indonesia. haha. And first time using my lovely cupcake nametag from D, soo cute!

Just my things (longchamp bag and shoes from fareast singapore)
Up in the sky, hey Bangkok!
I wish you were here. :))

Our Hotel

Happy face. First day in Bangkok with topshop shirt and rumah mode hat.
Funny, at hotel Siam Swarna, 4 star, really cheap 40USD/night

Welcome to SIAM!!!

First meal in Bangkok. Tom yum yummy!
And dessert, mango with sticky rice + thai coffee tea! Perfect! Mango in Thailand the best!

Our hotel at night, cozy hotel, people here really kind, so close to BTS and seven eleven, there is small pool also with bar. But i guess to small so never been seen someone was swimming there.

I found this 3 cutie earplug only in Bangkok, MBK ;)
Ok, that was my first day in Bangkok, will updated more for you tomorrow!


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